Infernale Metallum Mortis

by Infernal Conjuration

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"INFERNALE METALLUM MORTIS" was recorded in total D.I.Y. mode between May 2017 - March 2018 at I.C. H.Q., Mixed by Cody Davidson ( and Mastered by Semjaza at Sitra Ahra Studio (
Cover art by Felipe del Catillo (
Special thanks to Carlos Miranda (C.M.) for lyrics in specified songs.
Photography by Angel Orduña (
Infernal Conjuration is endorsed by Pasaye Guitars (


released June 7, 2019


all rights reserved



Infernal Conjuration Tijuana, Mexico

Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico, INFERNAL CONJURATION formed in June 2006 and promptly set about crafting death metal rooted in the old-school ways, drawing influence from both their homeland and abroad.
TOTAL DEATH METAL, no more but definitely no less!
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Track Name: Dreadful Knowledge
Hidden in the splendors of commandments of the gods
a truth to be read between the lines
neither did the bright light of the stars announced a sign
an imminent tease to the mind

Dreadful – Magnificent and lethal to it all
Knowledge – conveyed to just a few chosen by the dark!

Rituals conceived to reach above the sky
Chants evoked, a modulation that’s so scarce,
Senses eroded, but they cannot resolve
So Unearthly, supreme and dreadful to it ALL!

My eyes they cannot bear, this dimension surrounding me
My ears they cannot hear, this frequency of fear

They angst to know
A faith that has been sealed
A knowledge that’s in vain
it will rot with them this day

Massive black hole, dim and repugnant,
like a drape of ravens mantled in the stars
Track Name: Profound Immorality
Witness the deepest form of impurity
a savage and rebellious uncontrolled apparition
harvested in the darkest reaches of the membrane
bursting hysterically, the word of our lord

An Evil sense
For cruel acts
Vile and Immoral

Sadistic Impulse
racking their Brains
Decadent pleasures
(The) exquisiteness of malice

Horned being in sulfur MIGHT
persuades to sin with an evil grasp
Church crosses point south - so down below
They turn to black, as well as my soul

Your moment of remorse and dead is here
As I spit in your moral grounds of emptiness
A place where life is doomed from day of birth
By the same god you worship, he lied you all
Track Name: Infernal Conjuration
Gathered to summon the underworld
Through the most offensive of rites
The Tartarus flames will swiftly ascend
To scorch your very sands.

Through archaic sorcery
We conjure Thy Infernal

Souls about to be condemned...

We appeal to the dead fervently
In search for their mystic lore
Piteous replies chill our bones
The nexus, created flawlessly

Sacrilegious poesy
From moldy and black books
Spectral shrieks announce
The arrival of their god.

Infernal Conjuration

Through the shadows they advance
With Hades at the helm
Captive spirits, liberated
Attired in darkling shrouds

Darkness has devoured the astral glares
The wilted moon has ceased to be
Track Name: Cleansed in Asphyxia
Dark as night, smoke arise in archaic rites
Holy sight, with Liturgy in their minds
They overtake my life

Gathering of Souls, all for thy lord

Cleansed in Asphyxia

Symbols of light, torches burning
all bellow me
I stare at the sky, my thoughts have been deprived
Could not escape, your god of lies

Cleansed in Asphyxia
Track Name: Necrolatria (a los muertos blasfemos)
An emphatic and obscure revelation
accompanied by a sentiment too harsh to comprehend
A shivering in my back from terror
When all religions failed to deliver all this splendor
A Quest - NOT, but an Endeavor
Embracing all the mysteries of death and the beyond
An abominable act of defiance
Blasphemous dead, reveal all unto me

I pray to the dead who died in sin
I pray to the dead who bathe in fire

A form of rite, with Funeral Traits
A transcending Oblation to awake THEE from (the pain) of Hell
Fearful harmonies are chanted feverishly
(All) signs of light are diminished to black

Invoco a demonios que guardan la entrada abismal al Infierno
Cedan a esta ofrenda de carne y hueso, mi existencia se reduce a este día
Renuncio a mi Mortalidad, demando el regalo Inmortal

A clamor to the dead who perished in Sin
We summon the dead who bathe in fire...
Track Name: In the Presence of another world
Face the might, of a mass above
feel the impending, centrifugal force,
all you mortals, put your faith in god
But what you’ll see, will defy your thoughts…

In the Presence of another world,
there is no emptiness
Inscribed with a thousand names of god

In the fullness, more knowledge comes
He will come from shadows, between the stars

Your master is a monster,
born of yokeless egg,
he walks the world entrail diviner,
and when the stars are right,
he’ll unlock the door behind the door…

In the fullness of another world there is no emptiness
Face the might, of a mass above
feel the impending, centrifugal force,
all you mortals, put your fate in god
But what you’ll see, will defy your thoughts…

In the fullness another knowledge comes
He will come from shadows, between the stars

The seven years of labor for the instruments of time
To thy master, the Milky Way abyss inclines
The seven years of labor for the instruments of time
He locks the door behind the door behind the door...

Your master is a monster and gentlemanly too
He’ll build for us a new gem, with pieces of the perfect black
The alpha and the omega and the seven peaks of mars
The maze of his infinity, the buried city in the stars

*Lyrically influenced by B.Ö.C.
Track Name: Demonic Possession
Trapped in a nightmare of horrid scales
Caliginous beings encircle me
All hopes of freedom have been lost
Taken by Belial!

An internal struggle has begun…
Trying to resist the fiendish mark
My strength, surpassed by The Impure One:
Spiritual submission

Demonic possession, Driven to chaos, leaving my conscience behind;
Belial approaches, dooming my soul to succumb;
Usurping my existence.

Damnation suffocates my marginal existence:
Putrid mind, imprisoned soul, pronounced arteries…
A diabolic force has conquered me.
Track Name: Tremendous Plague
Evil rise, as the night begins to fall
All of them run, by the sudden global fright

Tremendous Plague

In the heights you see the stroll
The steamy mouths and wings of coal:
A ghastly breed comes from beyond
Whose lurid stares will pierce your soul

Judgment comes, as they march towards to the throne
You’ve become a giant urn of impotence.

Horrendous Plague.

See us smite your feeble souls
With daunting eyes and whips of smoke;
Ill guffaws go with the blows:
Our Sulphur breaths suppress our foes.

Infallible contagion of colossal proportions:
An incurable virus contaminates your pores.

Your entire system, infiltrated
By malignant entities;
The infectious roar continues spreading
To eradicate your kind...
your kind
Track Name: Ultimatum
Inextricable demons arise from hell
Twisting your mind, devouring your faith
Destroying your cities, chanting the spells,
Lucifer's empire in blood is set

The armies of Hell Rejoice in Blasphemy
Invocating our dark lord,
infamy is our demented banner,
join us now or die!

Burning the cross with Satan we strive,
killing his servants, cursing their lives
Pray for the devil, awaiting his child
Mocking God's kingdom with vomit so vile

Innocent souls, thrown to the abyss
Insurrection of the Antichrist, pandemonium now begins

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